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Cartosat-2: Optical Satellite

Cartosat-2 is the successor to Cartosat-1, and is an optical satellite launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in January 2007. Compared to Cartosat-1, it boasts a higher ground resolution that is under 1 m.

Basic Image Products for Cartosat-2

Product Overview Image unit Remarks
New acquisition or imaging Standard acquisition or imaging Order 10 days prior to acquisition 9.6 km×9.6 km  
Order 10 days prior to acquisition km2 Minimum area for purchase is 1,000 km2
Emergency Order 24 hours prior to acquisition 9.6 km×9.6 km  
Archive 6-12 months after acquisition 9.6 km×9.6 km  
12 months after acquisition 9.6 km×9.6 km  
6-12 months after acquisition km2 Minimum area for purchase is 1,000 km2
12 months after acquisition km2 Minimum area for purchase is 1,000 km2

Processing Level

Product Remarks
Standard product Radiometrically and geometrically processed product (with metadata)
Ortho kit product Radiometrically processed product with RPC (with RPC files and metadata)

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Points to Note when Purchasing Products

Cartosat-2 data may only be used upon the customers' agreement to the "End-User License Agreement Single Organization (with Japanese reference translations)." Single user licenses and multi-user licenses are available. Please inquire with the PASCO sales representative with regard to multi-user licenses.


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Copyright Notice

All Cartosat-2 data, excluding derivative products, must clearly show the following copyright notices.
Includes material (C) Antrix and/or (C) Reseller PASCO

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Cartosat-2 Sample Images

  • Location: Doha (Qatar)
    Location: Doha (Qatar)
  • Location: Bangalore (India)
    Location: Bangalore (India)

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Cartosat-2 Satellite Specifications

Launched January 2007
Operating organization Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
*Project agency: ANTRIX
Satellite orbit Polar Sun-synchronous
Satellite altitude 637 km
Repetivity 310 days (No. of days of re-acquisition is approximately 4 days)

Main Specifications for Cartosat-2 Sensor

Onboard sensor Panchromatic
Spectral band 0.50 to 0.85 μm
Swath width 9.6 km
Ground resolution < 1 m
Bit rate 10 bits

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