1953 Pacific Koku Sokuryo Co., Ltd. established
1960 Licensed to conduct aerial survey business in Japan
1962 Company name changed to Pacific Aero Survey Co., Ltd.
Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market
1974 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market as the first company from the survey & mapping industry
Adopted the Geographic Information System (GIS)
1981 Started sales of ESRI GIS Basic software in Japan
1983 Company name changed to PASCO CORPORATION
1987 Conducted GPS survey for the first time in Japan
1992 Conducted precise survey for the Nobeyama Radioheliograph installation at the Nobeyama Radio Observatory Cosmic Radio Facilities in Japan
1995 Contributed to the reconstruction of Hanshin area damaged by the Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake, using aerial photographic survey and GIS.
Inaugural member of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Promoting Association
1997 Conducted GPS survey for setting up the test line of linear motor car in Japan
1999 ISO 9001 Certified
Joined SECOM Group with the aim of providing GIS oriented Information Services
2000 Started Management Navigation Services
Adapted to Full-Digital Survey Technology
2002 ESRI Japan established
ISO/IEC 27001 Certified
2003 PASCO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Chinese local corporations (SRD, PD) established
Started Internet area marketing service, MarketPlanner
ISO14001 Certified
Started sales of the Vehicle Deployment Support System LogiSTAR
2004 FM-International Oy Finnmap joined PASCO Group
Joined the Kobe Free Mobility Project
Started digital image auto-processing system service
2005 Received exclusive domestic distributorship of TerraSAR-X image data
PASCO China Corporation established
Privacy Mark System Accreditation
2006 PASCO Indonesia (PT. Nusantara Secom InfoTech) established
Started Safe Home Return Map Service
2007 TerraSAR-X successfully launched and service started
Started Business Continuity Plan (BCP) support service
Surveying industry's first facility for satellite reception established in Okinawa
2008 Started Satellite national land monitoring
2009 BASE Aerofotogrametria e Projetos S.A. (Brazil) joined PASCO Group
Started Market Analysis Service: Shoken Taisho for Japanese members only
2010 Aerodata International Surveys BVBA (Belgium) joined the PASCO Group
Mobile Mapping System (MMS) deployed nationwide
Started provision of disaster support system service "Countermeasure Headquarters"
2011 The industry's second facility of satellite reception established in Hokkaido
Supporting for the restoration of the Great East Japan Earthquake through the collection and analysis of geospatial information
Keystone Aerial Surveys Inc. (USA) joined PASCO Group
2012 Created a group relocation promotion program for Iwanuma City, Iwate Prefecture, the first of its kind in the areas hardest hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake
2013 Opened its third satellite receiving facility in Okinawa and expanded the Geospatial Information Processing Center
Began Providing an archive of high resolution MMS 3D data on expressways
2014 Received exclusive distribution rights for RADARSAT-2 products and services in Japan from MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.
Received distributorship of ALOS-2 from JAXA and service started
Started Disaster risk information provision service "DR-Info"
Signed a distributionship agreement with Airbus Defence and Space
Satellite Image Marketing Corporation joined PASCO Group
2016 ISO 55001 Certified
2017 ISO / IEC 20000-1 Certified
ISO / IEC 27017 Certified

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