Corporate Philosophy

PASCO’s corporate philosophy represents fundamental stance taken by the Group in the execution of its corporate activities.
PASCO Group has built up a comprehensive management system with established quality, environment, and information security policies. It operates this system with the aim of contributing to society through sustainable corporate activities that are in line with the corporate philosophy.

Corporate Philosophy

  1. To contribute to the establishment of a secure and prosperous social system through its geospatial information business.
  2. To comply with laws and regulations, respect social ethics, and constantly pursue righteousness, basing the evaluation criterion on being socially fair.
  3. To take pride in the trust given by customers, and provide an advanced level of geospatial information.

Management Policy

To be the world leading geospatial provider, always generate change through innovative thinking and actions.

Company Logo

Company  Logo

The company logo and tagline comprise a "P" design that represents the first letter of the company name PASCO in the form of triangular shapes (shapes that link the land, sea, and air) that symbolize a PASCO that aims to achieve a rich harmony with nature (created in October 1983), the company name, as well as a corporate message that represents PASCO's work and stance. (Revised in July 2018)
The corporate color is termed "PASCO blue"—a shade of blue that signifies the "sincerity" and "calm" that PASCO stands for. A red point color is also used to represent "passion."

Tagline (Corporate Message)

Surveying the Earth to Create the Future
The English translation of the Management's Vision is, "Surveying the Earth to Create the Future" as a tagline.

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