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Corporate Social Responsibility

Assessing disaster situation and the information provision

Technologies aimed at the acquisition and processing of geospatial information are vital to PASCO's business. These two categories of technologies, which could be described as core technologies to PASCO, play a useful role in helping us to understand the situation in times of disasters.

Our efforts in this area involve considering the scale of the disaster, the region that it has struck in, the weather conditions in the affected region, and other factors, and then understanding the situation quickly using the optimal method. In particular, the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite penetrates the cloud layers to obtain information on the ground regardless of whether it is day or night. As such, spaceborne SAR is able to take images of the affected areas even under poor weather conditions that aircraft is unable to fly in.

PASCO extracts affected areas from information obtained through such means, and provides the results to the relevant agencies such as local governments and the respective government ministries. In this way, we provide support for the prevention of secondary disasters and the prompt formulation of recovery activity plans.

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Addressing Global Warming


Based on our knowledge as a consultant and the acquisition, processing, and post-processing technologies for geospatial information that we have developed over the course of our business operations, PASCO monitors the impact of global warming and contributes to the realization of a low-carbon society.

In the areas of aircraft and optical satellite, in particular, PASCO utilizes Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites to conduct fixed-point, periodic surveillance of the Himalayan glacial lakes, which is generally difficult to study. This surveillance project commenced in 2008, and we have captured images of the expansion of the glacial lakes. It has earned the attention and interest of many researchers.

In addition, PASCO's environmental initiatives have also been highly appraised by local governments, and adopted in energy recycling businesses for timber obtained through forest thinning.

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Eco-activities and volunteer activities

Even in its daily work and business dealings, PASCO undertakes initiatives toward the realization of a low-carbon society, and carries out activities to contribute to the regional community.

Other than using eco-cars as sales vehicles, we are active in promoting the use of FSC accredited paper, waterless printing technology, and vegetable ink in the printing of our pamphlets.

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We received the special award of the 8th Philanthropy Award for companies

PASCO's efforts in understanding disaster situations and providing information during disasters have been recognized. It has received the special award "Inochi-wo-sukuu (lifesaving)-Bird Eye Award" from the public interest incorporated association, the Japan Philanthropic Association.

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