Eco-activities and Volunteer Activities

PASCO's products for logistics contribute to reduce in fuel consumption


PASCO'S logistics support system "LogiSTAR" was developed as a system targeted at corporations. This system supports dispatch plans by automatically computing efficient routes for deliveries, which has been adopted by the logistics industry. Enhancing dispatch efficiency inevitably reduces travel distance, thereby contributing to reductions in gasoline consumption.

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Volunteer cleaning activities

In our role as a company that proposes and draws up plans for safe and healthy towns using geospatial information, and with the aim of contributing to the conservation of the environment in towns that are near to us, PASCO has registered with the NPO Groundwork Tokai. Under this initiative, PASCO conducts cleaning activities at public facilities such as Sakura-dori and Fushimi-dori in Nagoya City, prefectural-run Odaka Green Park, areas around our office, and parks in Aichi Prefecture.

Going forward, PASCO aims to further widen the scope of its activities, including within the company and in related companies, and to continue to promote these activities with the aim of contributing to the regional community.

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Environment management activities

Based on the corporate philosophy of contributing to the establishment of a secure and prosperous society system through our geospatial information business, PASCO received the ISO14001 accreditation for our environment management system in 2003.

At the same time, as part of sustainable activities aimed at solving environmental problems, we have taken initiatives in all aspects of our economic activity to reduce the burden of our activities on the environment. These include reducing the environmental burden of our deliverables, products, and services, reducing CO2 emissions through the use of eco-cars (all our sales vehicles are eco-cars), promoting green procurement centered on items such as photocopy paper, thoroughly enforcing the practice of printing on both sides of the paper, and reducing waste through separation of garbage (recycling) such as pet bottles.

In addition, as a specified business operator under the revised Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy, as well as a specified emission business under the Law Concerning the Promotion of the Measures to Cope with Global Warming, PASCO has undertaken initiatives toward environment conservation through the implementation of the following new measures.

  • Promoting reduction in energy consumption by reducing operating time as part of work improvement efforts
  • Promoting reduction in energy consumption through the optimal placement of each base and reducing the land area used
  • Promoting reduction in energy consumption by adopting energy-saving equipment such as electrical facilities for our own buildings

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