Environment and Disaster Prevention Products [Business Activities and Social Contribution]

PASCO's businesses range from the direct to the indirect, such as in the areas of environment and preparation against disasters, and we handle a wide range of contents that are useful to the society. To be a company that contributes to the society directly through our corporate activities—this is the hope of all our employees.

Contribution to the environment

With regard to solutions in the area of logistics, we provide services such as systems that support the enhancement of work efficiency and cost reduction for our customers that are also business operators. We help to enhance the efficiency of business operators through dispatch plans that are tailored to the quantity of materials, and delivery plans that give consideration to the location of the destination and time. This results in reductions in gas emissions and fuel usage, thereby contributing to the environment by mitigating the effect on global warming and decline in fuel resources.

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Preparation against disasters

In addition to formulating disaster prevention plans and hazard maps for local governments, PASCO also provides consultation services for various forms of disasters, including tsunami simulation activities. The support system for initial response during a disaster and the map service that assists victims in returning home, aimed at educating the public, form a significant part of PASCO's disaster prevention and mitigation work.

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