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GeoEye-1: Optical Satellite

GeoEye-1 is a satellite which has the highest resolution among all commercial satellites in the world. The satellite offers unprecedented spatial resolution by acquiring 41 cm panchromatic images (black and white) with multispectral images (color) of 165 cm resolution to create 41 cm pan-sharpened images (colored images). In addition, compared to IKONOS with an approximate satellite collecting range of 11 km, it has a greatly enhanced imaging efficiency with an expanded acquisition range of approximately 15 km.

GeoEye-1 Products

Product Geo OrthoBasic Stereo *3
Overview Geocoded image data (However, distortion arising from land relief without correction)
Image data appended with RPC files*2
Image data obtained from elevation data after corrections made for land relief distortions Image data obtained by imaging target features from two directions along the same orbit
Main applications --Checking land and water surface conditions
-Photograph applications
-Environmental surveillance
-Image analysis
-Disaster prevention measures
Geo applications +
Fields that place the focus on positional accuracy
-GIS background maps
-Development plans
-Mapping services for infrastructure management
Geo applications +
-Creation of elevation data (DEM)
-Identification and extraction of land features
-Computation of height of land features
-Browsing 3D images
-Creation of orthoimages
Classification Panchromatic (black and white)
Pan-sharpened (color)
Panchromatic (black and white)
Multispectral (color)
Pan-sharpened (color)
Panchromatic (black and white)
Multispectral (color)
Pan-sharpened (color)
Band 1-band panchromatic
3-band true color
3-band false color
1-band panchromatic
3-band true color
3-band false color
1-band panchromatic
3-band true color
3-band false color
Correction system
Orthorectification × ×
RPC information ×
Image mosaicing × ×
Color adjustment between images*1 × ×
Distribution areas Japan and overseas Japan and overseas Japan and overseas

*1 Color adjustment between images will be carried out within the range enabled through automatic processing using software.
*2 It is possible to create orthoimages from existing elevation data through the use of RPC files.
*3 Please inquire separately with regard to stereo format and coordinate systems.
Please inquire separately for delivery timelines.

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High Value-added Products

We provide products with a higher degree of positional accuracy than OrthoBasic images. However, depending on the acquisition or imaging conditions, there may be cases whereby we are unable to provide these images.

Digital OrthoLight/
Digital OrthoExpert
This is orthorectified data that makes use of ground control points (GCP) and elevation data. It is ideal for users that make use of such data in tandem with map information such as GIS. Digital
OrthoLight possesses a positional accuracy that overlays with maps at approximately 1/5,000 times. Digital OrthoExpert possesses a positional accuracy that overlays with maps at approximately
1/2,500 times.

Please inquire separately for delivery timelines.

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Formats Provided

File formats GeoTIFF (standard), JPEG, BMP, IMG
Please inquire separately for other file formats.
Bits/pixel 8 bits/pixel, 11 bits/pixel
Coordinate system Domestic images: UTM (WGS84), rectangular plane coordinate system (World Geodetic System/Japanese Geodetic System)
Overseas images: UTM (WGS84) Please inquire separately for other coordinate systems.
Media DVD-R, CD-R
Please inquire separately for other media.
Some media formats may incur separate charges.

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New acquisitions/imaging by GeoEye-1

GeoEye-1 undertakes new acquisitions for Japanese or overseas regions that customers request for. In addition to image prices, filming or photography prices will also be incurred.
Please inquire separately with regard to imaging or acquisition conditions.

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Minimum Area for Purchase/Minimum Range for Purchase

With regard to the image library, the minimum area for purchase differs depending on whether the images are domestic images or overseas images.
For newly filmed or photographed images, the same minimum area for purchase applies to both domestic and overseas images.
Please place your order for an area or range that is higher than the minimum area or range.

Target images Minimum area for purchase Minimum range for purchase Remarks
Domestic From the image library 25 km2 2 km While orders below the minimum area for purchase are possible, the retail price in such cases would be the minimum area for purchase × image unit price.
New collection or acquired images 121 km2 5 km
Overseas From the image library 49 km2
New collection or acquired images 121 km2

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Geoeye-1 Sample Images

  • •	Location: Yokohama Stadium (Kanagawa Prefecture)
    Location: Yokohama Stadium (Kanagawa Prefecture)
    Date of acquisition: March 21, 2009
  • •	Location: Osaka Port (Osaka Prefecture)
    Location: Osaka Port (Osaka Prefecture)
    Date of acquisition: April 7, 2009
  • •	Location: Irisuna-jima (Okinawa Prefecture)
    Location: Irisuna-jima (Okinawa Prefecture)
    Date of acquisition: June 10, 2009

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GeoEye-1 Satellite Specifications

Name of satellite GeoEye-1
Operating country United States
Operating organization DigitalGlobe, Inc. (United States)
Satellite manufacturer General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems (United States)
Launched September 6, 2008 (local time)
Revisit frequency 11 days
Revisit time 3 days (in the event that imaging angle is above 60º)
Orbital inclination 98º
Satellite orbit Polar sun-synchronous orbit
Satellite altitude 681 km
Overpass time
(above Japanese skies)
From around 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

GeoEye-1 Sensor Specifications

Wavelength region (band) Panchromatic 450 to 800 nm
Blue 450 to 510 nm
Green 510 to 580 nm
Red 655 to 690 nm
Near-infrared 780 to 920 nm
Ground Sample Distance (GSD) Panchromatic Acquisition angle 90º (perpendicular) 0.41 m
Acquisition angle 60º 0.50 m
Multispectral Acquisition angle 90º (perpendicular) 1.64 m
Swath width Acquisition angle 90º (perpendicular) 15.2 m
Volume of information per pixel sensor (Dynamic range) 11 bits (2,048 gradation)

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