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Mapping Solutions

PASCO provides support for the development and operation of work support systems that make use of maps.
PASCO has succeeded in significantly compressing work periods and costs by developing systems based on the GIS engine (GeoAccess) originally developed by the company.

Merits of the Mapping Solutions

Besides ledgers, there is a wide array of information on "locations and positions" that should be managed internally within a company. These include company shops, facilities and equipment, real estate, customers, delivery destinations.
Rather than managing these separately and haphazardly, the consolidated management of this information on a mapping system (digital map) would enable staff to visualize the information (data). It would also facilitate the smooth sharing of information between related departments, thereby enhancing work efficiency and eliminating the trouble of managing and updating information.

Superiority of PASCO's Mapping Solutions

While some may feel that mapping solutions are the same everywhere, in the operational aspect, significant differences may emerge depending on the method of data acquisition, or on whether the solution was developed based on GIS technology.

■Suitability Maps

PASCO consistently draws up its own map data from scratch, and provides suitable map data for all our customers.

■Suitability Display Method

PASCO has been engaged in GIS-related work since 1976. Today, it provides solutions through suitability ranking representation methods that have been developed since 1976. These include the representation of the map itself, the color, shape, and size of the information displayed on the map, scale, and other factors.

■Stress-Free Response

PASCO establishes stress-free systems through our track record in building up ASP systems, as well as our track record in serving a wide range of industries ranging from local governments to corporations.


With regard to compatibility with the work of our customers such as in the form of coordination with existing work systems, as well as to the operationability of standalone systems, we are working closely with our customers to construct relevant systems.

■Screen Transitions for Ledgers and Maps

As we have a wealth of experience and achievements in building up systems for local governments, as well as in building facility management systems, we have accumulated much knowhow with regard to screen transitions for ledgers and maps.

■Frequency, Timing, and Method of Map Updates

We cannot talk about mapping solutions without maps. Amidst a situation in which numerous system vendors are purchasing map data, PASCO provides a consistent service that includes the acquisition, processing and treatment, and provision of spatial information. Hence, the provision of map data to customers is undertaken as a part of our map updating work.

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Achievements in the Development of Mapping Solutions

  • Shop or office guidance system at call centers (insurance industry, finance industry, etc., local governments)
  • Facility and equipment management system (local governments, rail, gas and electricity sector, vending machine industry)
  • Land use, and property management and construction system (local governments, general contractor industry)
  • Customer and real estate management system (real estate industry)
  • Service area disclosure system (communications industry, etc.)
  • Visiting sales support system (finance industry, etc.) *Uses the residential maps provided by Zenrin Co., Ltd.

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