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PASCO's MarketPlanner is an area marketing system that has been adopted by more than 1,200 companies since its release.

Trade Area Analysis Using MarketPlanner


In addition to preparing various service provision styles that correspond with customers’ application styles, including ASP format, provision of software, and coordination with core systems, PASCO has also established a dedicated support center to respond to customer needs. We carry out aggregation of census data as well as owned by our customers from many different angles. These include trade area analysis (regional analysis) and diagnostic area analysis, and shop merger or abolishment. Using a multitude of representation methods, we provide total support for our customers, from the formulation of strategies to validation of results and efficacy.

By using MarketPlanner, which is made up of the Geographic Information System (GIS), customers  are able to create materials that are required for the review of regional strategies in an expressive manner, and within a short period of time. Information that is needed in the decision-making process in strategizing can be presented not only as tables and graphs, but also in the form of materials that are presented in a graphical form on maps. We provide visual support for the understanding and presentation of information.

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Application Case Studies of MarketPlanner Users

  • Shop strategies: New shop plans, sales forecasts, analysis of existing shops, establishment of indicators for opening shops
  • Sales strategies: Enhancing sales promotion, distribution of flyers, validation of efficacy of promotion campaigns, remote support
  • Marketing strategies: Strengthening marketing strategies, understanding the territory, enhancing efficiency of marketing activities, centralized management of onsite information
  • Management strategies: Medium to long-term regional market strategies, merger or abolishment of bases, consolidating internal information, shop assessment

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Factors behind Users’ Decision to Adopt MarketPlanner

  1. An all-in-one package with the latest data and functions necessary for analysis
  2. Attentive user support is provided, with upgrades for data and functions included in the monthly fees
  3. User-friendly interface
  4. Helpdesk manned by dedicated operators, and extensive training offerings
  5. Possible to introduce and analyze a wide variety of statistical data and spatial content
  6. Proposes the optimal styles from a comprehensive perspective that corresponds with the customers’ analysis objectives and structural level

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Overview of MarketPlanner Functions

  • Incorporation of shop and customer data using an address list
  • Trade area analysis (concentric circles, arbitrary shapes, target values, equidistance, customers, operation times, railway time trade area)
  • Creation of potential distribution map using statistical information
  • Share analysis using customer data and statistical data
  • Two-item ranking display (cross ranking analysis)
  • Huff model analysis with hypothesis of population attracted
  • Creation of spider graphs
  • Creation of trade area reports
  • Pasting of labels, filling out comment fields
  • Printing, producing image files from analysis maps, printing PDF files, etc.

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Commercial Available Data that can be Used with MarketPlanner

It is possible to import many forms of commercially available data into the standalone version of the MarketPlanner GIS for analysis.
Currently , the following forms of data are verified compatible.

■Map Data

  • ZMAP-TOWNII: Zenrin Co., Ltd.

■Statistical Data

  • Fine Region Population Statistics Library(50 mesh): PASCO CORPORATION
  • Nationwide Population Statistics Master: Japan Geographic Data Center
  • Nationwide Population Statistics Master with Population by Age Estimates: Japan Geographic Data Center
  • Population Summary by Basic Resident Register: Japan Geographic Data Center
  • Automobile Registration Database: Automobile Inspection and Registration Information Association
  • LIC Regional (GIS) Data for Urban Planning: Land Information Center
  • Population Data by Estimated Behavior (AlpsMAP): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Purchasing Power Estimates (AlpsMAP): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Workers’ Income Estimates (AlpsMAP): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Daytime Population Estimates (AlpsMAP): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Household Savings Balance Estimates (AlpsMAP): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Household Income and Expenditure Balance Estimates (AlpsMAP): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Estimated Number of Certified Personnel by Degree of Need for Care (AlpsMAP): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Urbanization Pattern Estimates (AlpsMAP): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Estimated University and Junior College Enrolment Numbers (AlpsMAP): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Estimated Population Changes Forecast Ranking (AlpsMAP): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Population/Household Numbers (Census Map Version): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Population/Household Numbers by Age Estimates (Census Map Version): Nippon Statistics Center Co., Ltd.
  • Estimates of Number of Households by Income Level: Japan Planning Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Consumption Expenditure Estimates: Japan Planning Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Personal Income Indicator: Japan Planning Systems Co., Ltd.

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