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Facilities Booking System

This is an individually customizable ASP-format facilities booking system for local governments.

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Providing a Facilities Booking System that is convenient and secure.

Accessible anytime

Bookings and applications for drawings are accepted 24 hours around the clock!
This makes it possible for public facility users who had been unable to make bookings outside of office hours to make bookings at any time.

Accessible anywhere

The system can be accessed from KIOSK terminals and mobile devices!
Of course, it can also be accessed on the Internet.

Accessible for everyone

Enhanced accessibility functions!
The system now makes it easy for senior citizens, people with visual impairment, and non-Japanese-speaking people to use.

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Eliminating concerns over system access with an easy-to-use system and sufficient maintenance service.

Convenient functions for users

Better accessibility functions to accommodate more users

Better accessibility functions to accommodate more users

To ensure easy usage for senior citizens, people with color recognition difficulty, and foreigners who can't read Japanese, we have included a "text-to-speech browser screen" and "foreign language display function".*
Users can now freely change the text size, display colors, and even the language. It is also possible to create "My Settings" and access the system from any computer.

*The foreign language function offers the following default languages: English, Korean, Chinese (traditional), and Chinese (simplified).

Bookings made in simple steps

Bookings made in simple steps

The system comes with useful functions, such as allowing users to book several facilities or dates in one step, or the "Personalize" function for showing the list of facilities booked in the past.
By using the "Power User" window for fast search within one single window, users will be able to search for facilities quickly and make bookings in very few steps.

Combined usage with maps

Combined usage with maps

By using PASCO's Our Town Guide (an ASP map information distribution service), you can also combine the Facilities Booking System with map information to provide a new service for the residents in your area.

Useful functions for administrators

Useful functions for administrators

Full support

Our team of experts are here to support system administrators, offering support through our dedicated customer service desk to ensure smooth system operation by responding to any inquiries and questions concerning the system.

Easy to use even for people unfamiliar with computers

The system is created with functions to allow even people unfamiliar with computers to easily use the system. Such functions include automatic displaying of furigana when names are entered in kanji characters, and automatic displaying of address when the postcode is entered.

Output of statistical reports useful for efficient facility management

The system allows the output of various statistical reports necessary for the operation and management of facilities (such as reports showing statistical figures and list of unpaid customers). The registered information can also be converted into Excel data, which will allow data calculation while specifying conditions.

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Eliminating concerns over changes in website operation with our outstanding system package and flexible customization

Achieving various ways to run your website through fine settings

Achieving various ways to run your website through fine settings

Even within the same facility, the booking timetabling and fee categories can be different. PASCO's Facilities Booking System allows fine settings of timetabling, layout, and fee categories by location and room.

  • Varied timetabling by day of the week
  • Varied fees by season
  • Layout change subject to approval based on purpose of use


We provide support for various types of system operation by allowing fine settings according to your needs.

Our flexible customizability means the system can be run under the rules of every individual local government.

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Eliminating concerns about Internet service with measures including duplication

ASP-format service

ASP (Application Service Provider) works by leasing its system via the Internet. This method eliminates user to install PC application software. In addition, there is no need to worry about system management, as our staff will handle implement daily system maintenance and respond to emergencies using our centralized server. We maintain the server equipment and take care of any unforeseen trouble. To ensure that the service provided to you is not suspended due to equipment trouble, all equipment is duplicated. We also replace equipment before they become outdated to ensure consistent level of response.

PASCO has been providing ASP services
To more than 100 public organizations
For over 10 years.

Reassurance with security measures and robust data center

Our data center is monitored by our staff at all times to provide stable service to you 24/7 all year round. The center is also fully designed to counter any trouble (such as power failures, earthquakes, fires, and physical intrusions) so that you can enjoy our services at ease.

Implementing security measures from various perspectives

Aside from security measures for our data center, we also ensure full security on communication and software programs. From the standard SSL communication to staff terminals, we offer various types of security measures to suit your needs.

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Examples of actual use

  • Yokosuka city, Kanagawa prefecture     Since FY 2005
  • Niigata city, Niigata prefecture     Since FY 2006
  • Wako city, Saitama prefecture     Since FY 2007
  • Mitaka city, Tokyo     Since FY 2007

(As of March 2010, 13 other local governments are also currently using our system.)

Testimonials from local governments currently using our system:
"It's simple, but it has various user support functions."
"This has the best functions and it is the easiest to use."

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