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About This Website

This website is operated by PASCO CORPORATION (hereafter referred to as “the company”). The purpose of this website is to provide information regarding the activities of the company and the company’s group businesses. Please read the following before using the website.


Copyrights relating to works and software program works provided on this website belong to the company or the provider of the works. The works concerned are protected by the copyright laws of Japan, international treaties and other applicable laws and regulations. Unless otherwise specifically approved in copyright laws, the works concerned may not be reproduced, altered, adapted, transmitted (including public transmission), distributed, transferred or loaned without permission from the company. Information provided on this website should only be used for browsing and data gathering. If you wish to use material such as map images and photographs for which PASCO holds the copyright,


If you wish to request a link to this website, Be sure to provide your website URL, website description, link period, etc.
Links to lower level directories such as map images and photographs posted on this website are prohibited.


The contents of this website and the information posted on it are subject to change, revision, deletion or cessation without notice.
The information and software provided on this website are provided as they are in their current state and the company does not provide representation or warranty of any kind, whether stated or implied, including warranties of recency, accuracy, integrity, merchantability, noninfringement and fitness of the contents for the purpose of use. We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages incurred by the user resulting from the use of information and/or software obtained from this website. This site is used at the discretion of the user.

Environment for use (compatible browser, etc.)

The following environment, browser etc., is recommended when using this website. Use of a browser with lower specifications than recommended may result in failure to display the contents properly.

OS: Windows XP or later
Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Browser setting: This website uses JavaScript. Make sure JavaScript is enabled on your browser.



This website uses files in Adobe Flash.
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Applicable laws and jurisdiction

This website and the interpretation and application of "About PASCO's website" are governed by the laws of Japan. Any dispute relating to this website or "About PASCO's website" shall be settled by the Tokyo District Court as the first exclusive jurisdictional court.

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