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Company's Surveying Tools

Company's Surveying Tools

The surveying represents PASCO's roots and will continue to remain a strength of the company indefinitely

  • Surveying from space

    Surveying from space

    PASCO has three ground stations in Japan including direct downlinks and currently handling many Earth Observation Satellites.

    • New acquisition
    • Archived data
  • Aerial surveying

    Aerial surveying

    We are able to collect geospatial information on wide areas of land and sea using various sensors mounted to aerial surveying aircraft.

    • Aerial surveying aircraft
    • Digital cameras
    • Analog cameras
    • Aerial laser & sensors
  • Terrestrial surveying

    Terrestrial surveying

    We collect detailed geospatial information from ground-based sources using dedicated measuring vehicles and Total Stations.

    • Measuring vehicles
    • Terrestrial SAR
    • Terrestrial Laser Scanners
  • Underwater surveying

    Underwater surveying

    PASCO's surveying technologies are even used to acquire geospatial information on underwater sediment and structures.

    • Depth recorders
    • Side scan sonars
    • Mud scum probes
    • Wave gauges / current meters
    • Others