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PASCO's Press Release
October 15, 2018

In order to support analysis and monitoring using Japanese Earth Observation satellite

PASCO starts offering package purchase of ALOS-2 satellite data sets, "InSAR Package"

PASCO CORPORATION (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO, Dr. Hideki Shimamura, hereinafter referred to as PASCO) distributes data and images acquired by ALOS – 2 (The Advanced Land Observing Satellite 2: Daichi-2) satellite which is owned by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (hereinafter referred to as JAXA), according to the agreement with JAXA with its distributors.
As one of the new sales items, PASCO will start selling a new service "InSAR Package" (hereafter the Service).

In the recent years, natural disasters have occurred more frequently around the world, and researches for disaster prevention have been actively implemented. In particular, research using earth observation satellites is gaining attention as an effective method because a wide range of information can be obtained on a regular basis. Among them, the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite represented by ALOS-2 is effective for periodic observation because images are suitable day and night regardless of atmospheric weather conditions. Interferometric SAR analysis (InSAR analysis) is suitable for land subsidence and deformation associated with a natural disaster observation, and its needs are increasing year by year.
In order to respond to such needs, this service will be provided as a package fee basis, so that the users, who conduct InSAR analysis multiple times in a certain period and/or long-term monitoring periods, can purchase the data sets as a "Package Purchase".

For details, please see the attached PDF file

In order to support analysis and monitoring using Japanese Earth Observation satellite